Monday, January 24, 2005

As strange as fiction?

I recently finished the book Fallen Angels. It's a quirky sci-fi book that explores a future where technology is shunned on an Earth heading into a new ice age. The twist is that the greenhouse gasses produced by man had held off the ice age until environmentalists took control and prohibited the means of the production of those gasses.

Well, it appears scientists have made some interesting discoveries:

The findings from a team of American climate experts suggest that were it not for greenhouse gases produced by humans, the world would be well on the way to a frozen Armageddon.

Scientists have traditionally viewed the relative stability of the Earth's climate since the end of the last ice age 10,000 years ago as being due to natural causes, but there is evidence that changes in solar radiation and greenhouse gas concentrations should have driven the Earth towards glacial conditions over the last few thousand years.

What stopped it has been the activity of humans, both ancient and modern, argue the scientists.

The entire story can be found here.

Update: I actually read Fallen Angels on my laptop. It can be found for free download at The Baen Free Library.

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