Monday, January 24, 2005

The Biggest Recruit

"You won't read this headline anywhere else, but Notre Dame has already won the recruiting war.

Notre Dame picked up two very big recruits recently, but that has done little to quiet the nerves of Notre Dame fans watching highly �ranked� players commit elsewhere. Relax brethren, Notre Dame already landed its biggest recruits in Charlie Weis and his proven experienced staff.

The fact is that recruiting means little if there isn�t a great staff to mold recruits into winners. Both Davie and Willingham worked with exceptionally gifted athletes who were highly ranked at their positions, but their lofty recruiting rankings could not make up for poor player development. Notre Dame started more top 25 consensus players at their positions this year than did USC, Michigan and Tennessee, yet players continually looked out of position and lost. The composite (all services combined) average of Ty Willingham�s sophomore through fifth year classes �averaged� in the top five in the country, yet Notre Dame couldn�t finish in the top thirty on the field. That type of underperformance is unacceptable at any major University."

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