Sunday, January 16, 2005

Camping - August 11th - 15th

Please call and make your reservations. Ask to be put near the Fennelly group.

If you have any questions, post them in the comments section.

Click on the header to link directly to the campground's website.


We've had our cabin site moved so that our entire group can be put near each other whether you are in a cabin, camper, or tent. Jenna has also added some nearby hotels into the comments section.


  1. Hey Matt,
    I called to make reservations and asked to be near "the Fennelly group". He said they had you in a cabin in the primitive area at the front of the campground (#200). Did you request this area? If not, he said he could move you to the area with water and electric, that way, whatever anyone is camping in (tent, camper, trailer), can camp close to each other (unless you had a group of cabins for others). They were also closer to the bath houses.

    I was going to call but I didn't have your number and it's not listed on the internet. Just let me know, so I can make our reservations. Thanks!!

    Home # 248-374-0565
    Work # 248-746-7211


  2. Jenna is going to call the campground today and get us moved to a spot so everyone can be near each other.

  3. I called and switched our site so , everything is good now for you to call. Also, if anyone is interested in hotels here are some names/numbers.
    Sugar Beach 800/968-1992
    G.Beach 800/509-1995
    Cherry Tree 231/938-8888


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