Tuesday, January 18, 2005

KJL at the Corner hears about Eddie Vedder from a friend

"Just got in from a Music for Relief (musicforrelief.org) tsunami relief concert featuring Tenacious D and guests. I doubt you will be able to confirm this anywhere, but I want to give you my firsthand account.

Eddie Vedder was one of the special guests. After singing two songs, he remarked that we were all there for a good cause, but added he didn't think we should "have to contribute all this money" since our government could easily give enough for all of us. And since so many of the victims of the disaster were Muslim, he continued, he thought that the money should come "out of the anti-terrorism fund."

He threw in a snarky afterthought; he was upset he was not invited to the Inauguration. I yelled as loud as I could, "I WAS!" My wife tossed in "shut up and sing!" for good measure.

It should be noted that Tenacious D rocked the [house] and said nothing stupid."

Sigh. Pearl Jam is my favorite band and it is becoming increasingly difficult to hear this garbage and seperate it from my love of their music.

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