Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Lions' Harrington reacts to Release Rumor

Highlight Reel: Weblogs: "I got a call from Coach Mariucci and Matt Millen, both this morning saying exactly that. Obviously I didn't read the article, and had no idea it came out. But I got a call saying that there was some article written, and a wildfire had spread. They just wanted to call tell me they didn't say any of the things, the stuff that's being reported or written was completely untrue.

And I'm glad they did it, because if I had heard from another source -- since I don't read this stuff -- if I had heard from a friend or someone who read the article saying 'Hey Coach and Matt Millen said this about you' and I hadn't heard from them personally, my inclination would be to think that maybe they were thinking that. But they both called me, reassured me that there's no truth behind it. I believe them one hundred percent.

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  1. Update - Looks like someone is covering quickly. The writer of the original story is sticking to his guns.


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