Sunday, January 23, 2005

Little Green Footballs: Ridiculous Article of the Day

"The soldiers went to search his bedroom. He heard laughing, and then they called for him, he said. Imaad went to his room and saw that the soldiers had found several magazines he kept hidden from his mother. They had pictures of girls in swimsuits and erotic poses. Imaad said the soldiers spread the magazines on his bed and put his Koran in the middle.

"�This is a good match," Imaad said one of the soldiers told him.

"��It was a nightmare,"�� he said. "��I will never forget those bad soldiers when they put the Koran among the magazines."��

Within 20 minutes, the soldiers left without arresting him or his mother. While the soldiers went next door to search his neighbor'��s house, Imaad began to slap his mother, he said. �"The American people are devils,"�� Um Imaad recalled her son repeating.

He left her and went to a mosque to spend the night. "I asked God to forgive me," Imaad said, "��because I could not prevent American sins."

The Army'��s Task Force Baghdad, which includes soldiers from the 1st Cavalry and 82nd Airborne Divisions, are mainly responsible for securing the capital city.

Lt. Col. James Hutton, a spokesman for the 1st Cavalry, said Task Force Baghdad soldiers were not involved in the raid that night. He said other U.S. units, including military police, operate in Baghdad but that he had no information about their possible involvement.

Army Lt. Col. Daniel Baggio, another military spokesman in Baghdad, said he also could not confirm that a raid took place that night. "��That sort of behavior is not condoned by the U.S. military, and I find it hard to believe U.S. soldiers would do that," he said. "��I a��m not saying it did no��t happen. It just seems odd."

Update: Tim Blair has thoughts.

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