Monday, February 07, 2005

The Kerry Spot on National Review Online

Jim Geraghty weighs in on 24:

"(Don't read this if you haven't watched Fox's 24 yet, and you intend to!)

Well, no more Heritage Foundation references this week, and they identified the kidnapper who attended that Heritage dinner event, so I doubt we'll be hearing more about the think tank.

This week also lacked any indication that our terrorist cell is Turkish.

However, in the previews for next week, it did indicate that the show will have one of its typically gutsy, 24-style twists: it looks like one of the nuclear power plants actually has a meltdown. (It reminds me of the episode that turned me into a 24 fan: Early in Season Two, when a terrorist cell managed to blow up the headquarters of the CTU. On any other show, the good guys would have managed to defuse the bomb in time. On 24, they only managed to evacuate about half the staff, and the heroes had to spend the rest of the day � er, season � working in a building that was falling apart.)

The show's willingness to portray the unthinkable does raise questions about what happens in the world of 24 when we're not watching. For example, the most dramatic moment of Season Two was the detonation of a nuclear weapon on U.S. soil. The following season, President Palmer was running for reelection. Just how did those ads go?

I'm President David Palmer. Over the last four years, we've only had one nuclear weapon go off in this country, making only a small portion of the Mojave Desert radioactive and uninhabitable. Plus, I have only had to fake my death once, and almost half my cabinet was not involved in a vast conspiracy to stage a coup and have the Vice President take over after the bomb went off. This is a record all Americans can be proud of. This Election Day, vote Palmer!"

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