Tuesday, February 15, 2005

We joined Netflix on Friday night (around 10pm) and ordered our first 3 movies. They arrived in the mail today. We watched Shark Tale with the kids. Declan loves anything with fishes. He has taken to calling every fish either Nemo or Bob.

After they went to sleep, we popped in Jenna's choice, The Notebook. It was predictable, but well acted. I actually enjoyed it.

I just tucked Jenna in and I popped in my choice, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. I heard it's an interesting movie visually and looks pretty good so far. I'm a sucker for special effects, so I'll probably enjoy it (although special effects, monsters, and machine guns couldn't save Alien Vs. Predator).

Update: Sky Captain, meet the Alien and the Predator...

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