Monday, July 04, 2005

Rangers, Marines, and Babies (Oh My)

These were two of the men in the parade. They were kind enough to take a second and let us get a photo with them. The sacrifice our fighting men and women make is almost impossible to put into words. I'm glad these guys are back and have a chance to enjoy the holiday with their families. Reagan was smiling just before the picture, and began wailing when I stepped back to take the photo.

Update: I checked with my father, a retired Marine, and he tells me he thinks the green braid on the shoulder indicates the 5th Marines, but he'd never seen it worn with a dress uniform. If anyone can confirm, let me know. I also know the other gentlemen is Airborne, but may not be a Ranger. I can't tell by the visible insignia his exact unit.

Update II: Many thanks to The Corner at NRO for link! Please check out the main page for many other 4th of July photos.

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  1. The maroon beret is infact Airborne, but not Ranger. The Appropriate beret for all Rangers would be the color Tan.


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