Thursday, November 03, 2005

Here's a quick how-to for an easy and effective Halloween prop.

Step 1: Buy about 10 feet of 1" pvc and various elbows and Ts and 4 ways. Cut to body length parts.

Step 2: Assemble the parts. Add a skull or wig head on top. You can click on the picture to see how the joints work together. Only the 'pelvis' tube and joints are glued. This allows all the other parts to be poseable.

Step 3: Grab some clothes, or as you see here, an old costume and enjoy! I use two pieces of steel rebar driven into the ground to allow the skeleton to stand on its own.

You can get really crazy and add foam and such to make the bodies look really human. That option would look good if you used a Jason or Freddy character outfit.

People who come by the house during Halloween always ask about the garage and how I decorate it. You can scroll down for some pics of it. It's really the easiest part of the whole display. I take some plastic sheathing and staple it up in the garage and then paint with fluorescent marking paints. It takes about a total of 1-2 hours to complete. I add a few fluorescent black light fixtures and it glows very nicely. Everyone who comes by loves it.

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