Wednesday, August 31, 2005

CAT Duty - 1st Post

Just received word we're having a teleconference at 3pm regarding hurricane deployment. I'll be finding out where and when at that time.

What follows is a rough transcript from the teleconference:

Update: Devastation with this storm is unprecedented in history. By comparison, Andrew was mostly a wind event. Katrina is a wind and water event. Deployment notices will go out within 24 hours. Hotel space has been acquired. My company has provided tractor trailer sized generators running some of the hotels. We will probably not get any closer than Jackson, MS for the time being. We have 800 policies south of I-10 that are going to all be total losses. More than 20,000 claims in Mississippi and Alabama so far.

Safety concerns: Standing water creates many potential problems. Sewage, dead bodies, dead animals. Hepatitus shots available. Arrive self sufficient with all needed gear. Buy work boots that can handle debris fields. Another threat is snakes. Go to doctor and get up to date on all needed shots.

Fill tank before less than 3/4 tank. My company had a tanker truck full of gasoline in Mississippi for adjusters that was appropriated by FEMA.

Unlike tornadoes where devastation is localized, expect total devastation in claims areas.

Adjusters will not enter Biloxi, Gulfport prior to weekend.

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