Wednesday, August 31, 2005

CAT Duty - 2nd Post

Declan woke up this evening around 9pm and came out to sit with Jenna and I on the couch. We took him outside to look for the moon (he calls it either moona or luna, depends :D). We came back in and let him watch television for a few minutes. I'm telling you, the Animal Planet channel is dynamite for a 2 1/2 year old. He really loves the animals. We turned the station to the news at update time and they were showing pictures of some fires burning in New Orleans and the flooding. Declan understands the concept of helping. Jenna asks him to be her helper when she picks up toys. She explained to him that the people we were seeing on television needed help, and he nodded and said, 'hep'. Jenna then told him that daddy was going to be going to down to help those people and she asked if that was okay and Declan said yes.

I know he really can't grasp why and how long I'll be gone. It's going to be hard to leave again. Last year during the Florida hurricanes when the kids were younger, I don't think they really understood I was away. I'm afraid they'll wonder why daddy has been gone for work for so long this time. Needless to say, I'm pretty bummed about having to be gone for another month.

Update: Had some additional thoughts about catastrophe duty. It's exciting to go to these places to help people. I know it's only money, but giving it to someone and telling them we're going to help replace the things they worked so hard for...well, it helps. Usually they say thanks and appreciate us coming down to help. Some people are still in shock, and some are hurt and angry and need someone to take it out on. It's a challenge handling all the carnage. You try to tell yourself to get the job done and move on, but the relentless loss and devastation can take it's toll on us also.

The difficult part is the leaving. 21 work days, call it 4 travel days. Just about a month away from home. It's so hard to be away from the family that long, especially with 2 1/2 and 1 1/2 year olds. I'll also probably miss my godson's 1st birthday. Anyway, rambling a bit here. I'll continue to try to provide some insight into what we do during the aftermath of these events.

Update II: No more whining. Our servicepeople are going away much longer and in much more dangerous places than I. /slaps self.

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