Thursday, September 01, 2005

CAT Duty - 3rd Post

Okay, just received my deployment order. I need to be in Jackson, MS by Sunday evening to be ready for orientation on Monday morning. Looks like I'll be able to enjoy part of one last weekend with the family before I go.

I also picked up a few cases of water and I'll probably grab some non-perishable food to take down with me. I wish there was a way to allow people to get some other things to me to take down there. I passed out tons of water in Florida last year. I kept my cooler packed with ice from the hotel and was able to give folks something cool to drink while the power was out.

Oh, I'm also going for my third world cocktail tomorrow morning - innocluations. Tetanus, dyptheria, cholera, hep (a and b?), and whatever else they can handle shooting into me in one day.

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