Tuesday, September 20, 2005

CAT Duty - Update #35

Most of my photos have been of antebellum mansions or casinos on the coast, but some of the hardest hit places were among the lower income areas of Biloxi. These photos were taken on the east end of Biloxi where the storm surge hit from two directions.

Upper left: Yes, that house is in the street.
Upper right: At least two houses washed up against each other.
Lower left: Debris and some unhealthy muck.
Lower right: Another house with a fatality. If you look closely you can see how far back it's pushed from its porch. Upon further review, I don't think that house is on it's own foundation. The porch is from a house with at least a brick facade. Looks the the brick house washed away.

Yesterday I posted about the number of deaths that were caused by the storm. We spoke with some local officials and the number is going to go up. The number listed (around 200) are only the bodies that have been identified. Anecdotally, I have been in a bunch of these neighborhoods and I'm positive the number is going to go much higher. The upsetting thing about these four photos is that each one shows a house where someone decided to stay, for whatever reason, and ended up dying in the storm.

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