Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Many thanks to the Irish Trojan, Brendan Loy, for the link. Normally this is a much cheerier blog with some fun photos and such. Being down on Cat duty working 7 days a week can take a bit out of you. I'm sure I'll be punchy again in about 10 days. For anyone who's interested, unlucky update #13 turned out to be true. There was a huge backup on I-10 so we never made it to Mobile in our quest for a hot dinner. We did however find a Sonic that was selling burgers. It only took us an hour and a half to find a place 5 minutes from the hotel to eat...

Please visit Brendan's site. He was all over the Katrina story before the storm hit. He's been on many television shows regarding his work during the storm.

Update: I forgot to mention, we still don't have cable, so I haven't actually seen Brendan on TV yet. All this devastation all day, and I can't get back to the hotel and watch the Simpsons (or football, for the love of Pete).

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