Wednesday, September 07, 2005

CAT Duty - Update #13

I wanted this update without any photos. Triskaidekaphobia. Anyway, we're going to head to Mobile, AL to try to get a hot meal. Curfew is still at 6pm here, and everything is closing up. We hope it's lifted soon.

Today was a bit rough. Many people had their entire lives washed away and won't be compensated for most of it. We met a man with a blind son who had their house completely destroyed. They were looking for a place larger than the 10x10 room they were staying in because it's bad for the seeing eye dog.

We gave checks to people as humanitarian aid set up as a loan. They took the money knowing they had no coverage and would have to pay it back eventually. I don't honestly think my company will ever call in the loan.

The photos I've posted don't even come close to capturing the damage. I have also been filming with my mini-cam. We watched it a bit, and you can get a better feel for the devastation, but you don't get the smell. And the smell is bad. Rotten food, dead animals, dead people, sewage. I can't describe it, other than it's worse than you can imagine.

Well, time to put it out of mind for a while. More updates to follow.

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